18 November 2014

"Green water" as Picture of the Day at Berliner Fenster!

On the 20th November 2014, my picture "Green Water" is going to be shown on all display monitors of the Berliner U-Bahn Trains as "Picture of the day.

Visit here Berliner Fenster

Update 21.11.2014
Here it is!!! Thanks to Mrs. Betty Athanasiadou (all rights reserved)

15 September 2014


Won in total: 8 Acceptances

Section A The Woman around us Digital
Singing the Look Of Love: Acceptance
Cafe Viennois: Acceptance

Section B My favourite photos Digital
Acht vor vier: Acceptance

Section C Creative Digital:
Lost Worship: Acceptance
Little walk in a metal cage: Acceptance
The Murderer: Acceptance

Section E Open Colour Digital
Drink with me: Acceptance

Section F Open Monochrome Digital
Unter Leitung: Acceptance

 Visit the official results here!